George Huguenin
Agarian Creations  

Transformational Gourd Artist  

My life has covered a wide spectrum of varied professions, though none of it in an artistic aspect until a few years ago.  I retired from the military (USMC) in November 1994 after almost 23 years.  It was during this time in the military that I was experiencing health symptoms that baffled the doctors.

I immediately took an interest in alternative medicine, since the allopathic approach was not working,  researching different modalities to see what would help me with my health.  Little did I realize that my research would lead me to my next profession. 

In 1994, I came to Tucson to attend the Desert Institute of Healing Arts (DIHA) - massage school.  During my last months in massage school I got involved with my true healing passion -  Craniosacral Therapy.   The benefits that I encountered for myself, but also saw with numerous clients, were amazing.  

As I continued to deal with my health concerns I developed a deeper connection with nature.  I found that I had a natural ability creating what I term as personal power items, like walking staffs, from natural elements, such as saguaro (cactus) ribs, antlers and deer skin.  While growing up I always seemed to have a definitive connection to nature like a second home.  

Gourds first showed up in the beginning of 2002.  It was a chance meeting that I came across some gourds and thought to myself I could do that.  My first creation was in my eyes phenomenal, because I do not consider myself artistic in any fashion nor do I have any art background.

Overtime I continued to allow myself to play with the gourds, getting used to their subtleties of texture, density and how they adapted differently to different color mediums.  It was then that they started speaking to me, telling me what they wanted to be, and taking on a whole new life and dimension of their own. 

Today, I allow (as much as possible) the creative process to go its own natural course.  When creating a piece, I dont have any preconceived idea of what it will look like before hand.  I sit with the gourds and gradually the two of us seem to merge in a sense, you could say I go into a meditative state and then the image starts to appear.  It may be a full or partial image, whichever it is, I pencil it in on the gourd and then wood burn the image.  Afterwards I start getting the next phase of what the image/gourd wants to be.  

The key here has been to trust the process.  Create the image Im sensing or picking up, and not judge or intellectualize what it might look like, or how others would perceive it.  Just do it! 

I believe we all go through a process very similar, though we may give it a different description.  As long as we can trust our creative side, no matter what form it will take it, we open ourselves up to express our uniqueness  in our lives.