IMG_5087Patricia Kirkman – Numerologist 

An intuitive as well as a Numerologist and Astrologer who uses her gifts to give information and Guidance in Career, Relationships, and Finances.  Known to be one of the best when it comes to projecting the correct time for starting and scheduling important decisions. Contact her at

Margarita Margarita – Palmistry, Astrology & Tarot Cards

Palmistry, Astrology & Tarot Cards are supported by her gift of Clairvoyance. Margarita guides you to a quick and straightforward resolution of problems as well as offering guidance.

CynthiaRae Cynthia Rae – Intuitive and Healer 

ToNeeRee  To-Ree-Nee – Tarot, Channeling, Shamanic Astrology, Ritual Healing

Need help finding a clear path through the underbrush of your life? She will introduce you to her Mini-Tracking Sessions, personalized just for you.  Tarot, Channeling, Shamanic Astrology and the Creation of ritual healing.

BonnieSmith Bonnie Smith – Past lives, Spirit Guides, Star Matrix Healing

Bonnie looks into your past lives to see the answers to your present day dilemmas.  Works with your Spirit Guides information to assist you along with Star Matrix Healing.

JaneSeybold Jane Seybold – Psychic, Certified Medium and Healer

Jane can help you understand and tap into your own inner guidance for answers. helps people connect with their loved ones in the Spirit World.  Jane  can help you recognize the signs and symbols associated with your loved ones who are trying to connect with you.

DaveBodell Rev. David Bodell – Gemstone Divination, Usui Reiki Master

The practice of Gemstone Divination has been around for centuries. Come find out how your past, present and future affect each other through the reading of crystals and gemstones. He is also an Usui ReiKi Master and has used crystals and gemstones in healing processes for many years.

joanBelzer Joan Belzer – Certified Graphologist

 Mollie-Candles007 Candles by Mollie Chivington Local Artisan – Handcrafted

A local artisan specializing in hand-crafted candles. Offering a variety of unique decorative candles; as well as scented pillar, votive, and floating candles. Aromatherapy fragrances offered in pillars and votives.

GailKushner Gail Kushner – Kushner Kreations – Author of “The Psychic Search”

Kushner Kreations; “Wild Girl” pins and Note cards. Today Gail will be asking some great questions for her Blog.  Working with readers and clients as well. Stop by and chat, you will be glad you did, my book “The Psychic Search” is now available for sale.

  Rev. Dagmar Veillet  – Intuitive, spiritual teacher, numerology…

and is an ordained minister of the Ecumenical Church of Light, Hawaii. Dagmar has been an intuitive reader, spiritual teacher, lecturer and counselor for more than 25 years. Her aim is to empower individuals in their true being and to provide effective tools and techniques that can help them master challenges and fulfill their dreams.

IlseSpiderwoman Ilise – SpiderWoman – Shamanic Healer and intuitive medium

Ilise (The SpiderWoman) honed her universally given gifts as a Shamanic healer and intuitive medium in Sedona, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. She just conveys a message and assisting energy from another realm to you, that allows you to perform the leap.”

KatRiegel Kat Riegel – Pet Psychic

Pet Psychic, she is able to read from your pictures about your pet and give you information to connect and to work with your extended family.  She does equally well with pets that have departed as well as those we have around us at home.

CynthiaRoedig Cynthia Roedig – Artist, Author Victorian West Feathers and Flowers

Victorian West Feathers and Flowers offers a wide variety of personal and gift items ranging from DeCio Pasta and other gourmet foods to natural stone bookmarks, handcrafted soaps and bath salts, and lovely beaded flowers in arrangements and hairpieces–just right for holiday festivities!

LarryMartin_008 Larry Martin –  Astrologer and Therapist 

A professional Astrologer and therapist for 23 years, Larry worked as People Magazines’ Online Astrologer from ’96 –’00.  Complete Astrology Chart is hand-drawn for you along with a 10 minute interpretation.  All questions answered. Reach him at

  Laurie Hays – Clairvoyant, Tarot , Palmistry – English or Spanish

Laurie is an experience clairvoyant who clearly and accurately shares Divine truth in a gentle way. She is experienced In Tarot as well as palmistry.  She channels Kwan yin and Mother Mary and shares Her gifts of Spirit with integrity and love in English or Spanish.

  Debbie Jackson – All Natural Body Balance; Reduce Pain and Enhance Flexibility

Quantum Tech’s “All Natural Energy Products” balances the Bio-Electric field in your body.  Experience: REDUCTION of Joint Pain, Swelling, Stress, Allergy Symptoms and Healing Time.  INCREASED Flexibility, Oxygen Flow, Balance, Power and Metabolism.

  John Hunter – Massage Therapist; Intuitive Touch and Injury Repair

John is a massage therapist works at muscle rehabilitation through the way of intuitive touch. He specialize in injury repair like sports, work, and car injuries, but also perform tension and energy releasing massages as well as body mind reconnecting massages.

 Carol Munson  Carolyn Munson – Card Readings, Angel Cards; Spiritual Guides

Carolyn uses a regular deck of cards that she feels speaks to you.  She has developed and interprets how the cards relate to you and has developed a sense of energy and body work through the years.  She also blends other angel cards to fine tune interpretations, helping guide people on their right path.

  Pati Hope – Energetic Healing Techniques + Energy Renewal

Pati uses her 30+ years experience of working with Energetic Healing Techniques to help release what ever is holding you back from living the life you dream and deserve.  She will clarity, a feeling of lightness with a sense of renewal for your passion for living.


DebbieCastilla002 Deb Castilla – Magical wands/Mobiles

Amy Jacobson002 Amy Jacobson –  Angel Reader

 Petra Gross- is an essential oil expert and Aromatouch Technique Certified.  

Her intuition and knowledge of the oils offers client ways to emotional and physical harmony.
 Elvia Martinez – Reiki, Aromatouch, and Tuning Forks Therapy

Elvia is a Reiki Master, is Certified in Tuning Fork Therapy and in Aroma-touch Technique.  Her clients can achieve health, wholeness and spiritual; well-being. Reiki will facilitate your journey to a healthier, peaceful, more joyous life. She uses Essential Oils to increase the good vibrations, bring balance, peace and relaxation.

Morgana Canady – Professional Psychic, Tarot, Pendulum and Scrying

Morgana is a professional psychic with intuitive sensitivity.  Her specialty is in helping you find yourself and uncover the block you’ve created in our life that prevents you from having what you want and then help you to eliminate them.

   Mahria Thompson – MA Clinical Psychology; Dowsing; Empath; Life Coach

She is a gifted Intuitive Empath and will help you get clear and find peace in any situation. Her spirit-filled Dowsing verifies information. Mahria is best-selling author of “The Consciousness Code.” In the past, she led spiritual/self growth workshops all over the US and in Mexico.   505-730-4377.  Email:

 Tarry Ceile – Angel Maker; Intuitive

Cheerful and sweet handcrafted angels, each with their own personality.  I designed the wings, and had them custom cut out of birch wood, hand painted the wings and adorable angel faces, then dressed each up in their own special robe.  These angels hang from the wall, whether the wall is in the kitchen, the entry way or wherever.

   Diane Donato – Intuitive who interprets Clothing and Color

Through use of clothing and color Diane invites you to drop those self-limiting beliefs about yourself and openly embrace and express and the free self to the world.

Jean DuBose – Healer, Spiritual Mentor; Integrative Psychology

The Place of Healing is a “special place” where all go to heal. Jean has been a licensed healer in both social work and psychology for over 30 years. The Greeks describe her therapy as “Healing the Soul” thru meditation, imagery and energy medicine. Enjoy a healing session with Jean!

  Shari Sievey – Power to Transform Artwork & Cards

Empower yourself to manifest love, health and abundance with the Power to Transform artwork and Card Deck.

   Emmy Morgan – Ask your Angels – Afterlife connections

Ask your Angels,  It is with love that I share with you answers to your burning questions; to connect you safely with your loved ones in the Afterlife; and to heal your body and field.   Unconditional Love heals the heart!

Sheryl Grabell 2 Sheryl Garbell – Healer, Therapeutic, Intuitive for Mind, Body and Soul.

Compassionate work for anyone who wants to feel good, healthy, and balanced.  Specialize in therapeutic massage for medical and health care issues.

  Linda Keaford – Intuitive Tarot  

Feel free to peruse the various table of readers, teachers and healers and see which one feels :right” for you and your quest. Join the drawing for gifts at the Sign up table…where you can add a friend’s email address so that they can receive this newsletter as well…Enjoy the holiday festivities!